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PeerPride is a partnership between diverse peer support and equity experts delivering consulting and direct service programming across the US. We are a 100% trans-run, majority-BIPOC organization that believes in setting bold, brave goals and helping you achieve them. PeerPride runs Trans Haven in Connecticut.

We Offer

Curriculum Development

Build customized trainings attuned to the needs of your space on any topic of equity or trauma-informed direct service. We work with you to build the training and teach you to use it independently!

Cultural Competency & Humility Training

Bring in one of our standard trainings on LGBTQ+, trans-specific, racial justice and/or accessibility topics, delivered by an expert on that topic.

Crisis & Peer Support Service Development

We work with you to develop a support group or support chat, text or phone support service to add to your existing services. We help you recruit volunteers and plan your program. Plus: We also help you build in-person support space creation and mentoring programs.

Equity Assessments & Coaching

Personalized, in-depth consulting on policy, messaging, workplace culture, accessibility and more from a BIPOC & LGBTQI+ liberation lens.

We Believe

Equity is Like a Muscle

Practicing equity is the best way to get better at it. Everyone is capable of creating spaces that empower and protect marginalized people. This is possible through structural shifts, education and leadership by people from affected communities. Sometimes, you might need a personal trainer to get comfortable doing that work. That’s where we come in.

Nothing About Us Without Us

Every struggle creates a unique lived experience. When serving and caring for people from marginalized communities, the best services are provided by people with that same lived experience. At PeerPride, we guarantee that you will work with team members who share the lived experience of the people you are seeking to serve better. Everyone who provides direct services through us is a member of the community those services are for.

Nothing Exists in a Vacuum

When we build direct service programs, we build them in the real world. We take into account systemic problems like financial barriers, discriminatory laws, state violence, accessibility, medical trauma, racism, immigration status and more. Our own programs and the programs we help build will always prioritize harm reduction, informed consent, accessibility and protection from non-consensual interventions.

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