Our Team

Kirill Staklo

Kirill Ivan Staklo
Program Coordinator

Kirill is a peer support programming specialist with expertise in LGBTQ+ peer support, crisis and suicidology. Before bringing together the PeerPride team, Kirill spent 6 years building up the only international trans peer support and crisis hotline program at Trans Lifeline. He is active in international LGBTQI+ Roma community work.
Contact: kirill@peerpride.com

Chris Garaffa

Chris Garaffa

Chris is a technologist and former Technology Director at Trans Lifeline. They focus particularly on technology accessibility, equity and security. Chris also runs TechForThePeople.org, a news and tips site about technology focused on addressing the needs of working-class people.
Contact: chris@peerpride.com

Elisio Acosta

Elisio Acosta
Spanish Language Services Team, Consultant – LGBTQ, Black & Latinx peer support & competency

Elisio is a crisis and peer support specialist with extensive experience providing and coordinating anonymous, confidential remote services. He is passionate and outspoken about LGBTQ+ rights, with a focus on advocating for the Black and Latinx trans communities. Elisio also facilitates support groups and works as a mental health advocate. He is available to work with bilingual organizations, providing culturally competent training in both English and Spanish.

Nze Okoronta
Peer Support Respite & Harm Reduction Equity Consultant

Nze is a peer respite, warmline worker and crisis services expert creating safer alternatives for navigating emotional distress. They specialize in operating, supervising and and supporting peer-led crisis alternatives based in harm reduction principles, informed consent models, and alternatives to suppression of heightened and altered states. Nze also specializes in DEI, housing insecurity, clinical substance use counseling, community outreach, and population-specific SUD program development for Black and Brown communities.  Nze identifies as a psychiatric survivor and advocates for others who have experienced medical trauma surrounding pathology, racial bias and institutional harm, and medications.  They are an active participant in Mad Pride movements and believe in liberation through self-identification.

Contact: nze@peerpride.com

Rae Jereza, Ph.D.
Consultant – Race, LGBTQ+

Rae is a non-binary Filipinx immigrant and sociocultural anthropologist. Rae specializes in studying the culture and structure of content moderation, as well as tracing and responding to the rise of ultra-right attitudes and tendencies within broader community spaces. Their scholarship and teaching is oriented towards supporting marginalized groups by destabilizing racist assumptions and practices. They are available to facilitate trainings and workshops to help you identify meaningful ways to address issues of racial inequality in your organization.

Eliot Olson

Eliot Olson
Advancement Coordinator

Eliot is a trans activist from the South and a development professional with a background in direct service for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ nonprofits. He currently lives and works in New Haven, creating and coordinating trans competency education and advocacy programming. Eliot helped run GendeRev, Columbia University’s only transgender support and advocacy organization. He is passionate about addressing trans homelessness and expanding economic rights for LGBTQ+ people. Currently he is focused on fighting infrastructural barriers for trans individuals and addressing legal challenges as he advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.
Contact: eliot@peerpride.com

Will Love
Advocate & Consultant: Race, Gender, LGBTQ

Will has been active in the advocacy and consulting field since 2016, working with organizations like CT Students for a Dream and Action Together Connecticut. Will focuses on the intersectionality of race and gender, in regard to health care, housing needs, and institutionalized racism. Will is available to address diversity, equity, and inclusion needs at any organization, as well as the needs of the gender-expansive population.

Gabriel Rey” Resendez
Consultant: Fitness, Personal Training & LGBTQ+ Latinx peer work

Gabriel Resendez is a genderfluid trans activist/consultant that works to create safe online spaces for transgender people that need social support and start conversations on nonbinary awareness and transgender rights. Aside from providing education through workshops, consultant work and brand partnerships, Gabriel is a certified personal trainer that provides gender-affirming training and accessible nutrition coaching to queer folks around the world.

Ravyn Ororo Laveau-Moulton

Ravyn Ororo Laveau-Moulton
TWOC Programming Coordinator & Consultant

Ravyn is a proud Black trans woman and advocate for trans individuals in Connecticut. She is a case management specialist, victim and trauma care services developer, community organizer and natural hair enthusiast. Her work in healthcare and her lived experience have empowered her to help trans people facing homelessness, domestic and intimate partner violence and systemic racist abuse. Ravyn teaches and works with the priority of bridging divides between marginalized communities while unapologetically uplifting and centering Black trans women.

Kae Vargas

Kae Vargas
Immigrant Services Consultant: Spanish-Language Services

Kae Vargas is a queer immigrant trans man currently living in New Haven, Connecticut. His lived experience of navigating and supporting himself and family members through the immigration system and direct services has made him passionate about supporting other immigrants, especially in the queer community. In his home country of Bolivia he helped form the only LGBTQ+ center in the small city of Tarija. He is available to facilitate trainings on language equity and empowering monolingual Spanish speakers.

Sundry Grayson
Consultant – Dissociative spectrum, LGBT, sex work, dietary restrictions, web & app QA

Sundry is a long-time peer support provider. Her day-to-day for the past decade has been front-end QA with a focus on UAT. Sundry is a baker specializing in celiac and cardiac friendly vegan recipe creation. They are happy to support with developing accessibility plans for any other dietary restrictions.