Curriculum Development

Build customized, accessible trainings attuned to the needs of your space on any topic of equity or trauma-informed direct service. We work with you to build the training and teach you to use it independently! Online or in-person, cohort-based, one-on-one, rolling-admission self-study program development options available. We can also help you find the best learning software and materials for your budget and needs.

Equity Assessments & Consulting

Personalized, in-depth consulting on policy, messaging, workplace culture, accessibility and more from a BIPOC & LGBTQI+ liberation lens.

Cultural Competency & Humility Training

Use one of our standard trainings on LGBTQI+, trans-specific, racial justice, technology and/or accessibility topics, delivered by an expert on that topic.

Crisis & Peer Support Service Development

Remote support programs are accessible support programs. We work with you to develop a support group or support chat, text or phone support service to add to your existing services. We help you recruit volunteers and plan your program. 

Plus: We also help you build in-person support space creation and mentoring programs.

Hotlines, text lines & chat spaces

Looking to build a service? We help you build from the ground up, at whatever scale you are looking for. We specialize in support services that are fully remote (operators can work from home), anonymous, confidential, informed consent based, secure and focused on shared lived experience.

Already have a hotline or chat space? We can help you expand your services, increase reach and accessibility or develop quality assurance. We also specialize in helping crisis and peer support service providers transition towards an informed consent model and explore alternatives to nonconsensual emergency intervention and police involvement.

In-person support spaces

Space creation – We can help you build a support group from the ground up, creating an outreach, culture & policy and facilitation system. 

Space expansion – If you already have a support space but want to improve it (reach, culture, accessibility, etc.) we can help with that too!

Virtual hybridization – If your support space meets in person, but you want to create an online alternative and adjust your space’s culture to adapt to a virtual platform, we can help you choose the best platform and co-create some plans together!

Mentoring programs

Focal themes: LGBTQI+ general, transition navigation services (medical, ID change, social transition), youth work, peer support leadership, recovery, BIPOC support, disability advocacy, inside advocacy. 

Focal themes: LGBTQI+ general, transition navigation services (medical, ID change, social transition), youth work, peer support leadership, recovery, BIPOC support, disability advocacy, inside advocacy. 

Mentors create lasting resilience: We can help you develop mentorship programs led by people in the communities you’re seeking to serve. In collaboration with mentorship-focused partners like Q+, we can help you create buddy, penpal, or remote one-on-one support programs that flourish in the original spirit of peer support: combating isolation through shared identities.

How We Do It

We work with you to meet your specific needs. Use our Contact form to reach out or use Calendly to set up a meeting with us! The topics we have listed below are the topics that members of our current team and/or partner organizations have lived experience with and are guaranteed to be able to help you with. We do not take on consulting, programming or curriculum development on topics that we do not have an expert with lived experience to lead on. If our core team is not the best fit for a topic you are interested in, we will refer you to an organization led by people with that lived experience that can help you.

Our approach is always centered on empowering you to build relationships with community groups near you. While we are happy to do a one-time basic training on any of our topics, we will always encourage you to build lasting relationships with BIPOC and LGBTQI+ led groups in your geographical and professional area. We want to bring in as many resources and referrals as we can to set you – and our communities – up for success and collaboration.

Topics We Cover

LGBTQI+ Empowerment

LGBTQI+ Competency – General training/assessments on supporting LGBTQI+ people – best practices, language, resources, policies and more.

Trans & Intersex Competency – Trans-specific competency training / assessments on supporting trans, nonbinary, questioning and intersex people – best practices, language, resources, policies and more.

Setting-specific topics

  • Health & wellness equity
  • Personal training & sports
  • HIV+
  • LGBTQI+ youth & schools
  • Building relationships with LGBTQI+ led organizations
  • Recruiting & supporting LGBTQI+ staff
  • Workplace culture & policies
  • LGBTQI+ advocacy in political campaigns & activism
  • Inside advocacy & supporting survivors of incarceration & detention
  • LGBTQI+ immigrant support
  • Housing justice

Racial Equity +

BIPOC Empowerment: Combating anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism & xenophobia

  • Black empowerment focus
  • Immigrant empowerment focus
  • LGBTQI+ BIPOC focus
  • Asian empowerment focus
  • Indigenous empowerment focus

Setting-specific subtopics:

  • Anti-racism in health & wellness
  • Racialized youth & schools
  • Recruiting & supporting racialized staff
  • Workplace culture & policies
  • Alternatives to policing

Language Equity: Establishing Spanish language services & empowering monolingual Spanish speakers

Accessibility & Disability Justice

Food & Nutrition Equity: Create accessible, affordable, healthy food options for people with any dietary restrictions

Disability Equity: Trainings & assessments on overall accessibility – specify desired topics in contact form!


Security Training for small organizations, non-profits, businesses, community groups & individuals:

  • Account security, passwords and password managers
  • Phishing and scam detection
  • Safe web browsing
  • Anonymity vs privacy
  • Secure communications
  • Threat modeling
  • Digital self-defense against trolls and doxing