Crisis & Peer Support Service Development

Remote support programs are accessible support programs. We work with you to develop a support group or support chat, text or phone support service to add to your existing services. We help you recruit volunteers and plan your program. 

Plus: We also help you build in-person support space creation and mentoring programs.

Topics We Cover

  • LGBTQI+ Empowerment
  • LGBTQI+ Competency – General training / assessments on supporting LGBTQI+ people — best practices, language, resources, policies, etc.
  • Trans & Intersex Competency – Trans-specific competency training / assessments on supporting trans, nonbinary, questioning and intersex people — best practices, language, resources, policies, etc.
  • Setting-specific subtopics:
    • Healthcare equity
    • Mental health equity
    • HIV+
    • LGBTQI+ youth & schools
    • Building relationships with LGBTQI+ led organizations
    • Recruiting LGBTQI+ staff
    • Workplace culture & policies
    • Advocacy 

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